Transform passive audience on your events to active participants 

with  Event Participants Engagement Platform 

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Our mission is to reveal the creativity of participants at conferences, gatherings, workshops and other events, similar to how YouTube and Instagram uncovered the creative energy of the Internet community.


We are developing Zmagle as a platform for events participants and organizers to better cooperate with each other, together with making events more accessible and interactive. Zmagle should allow event audience to generate as much value as event organizers and speakers do.


>70% of conferences had collaborative workshop

$1,300 billion is estimated events industry size in 2020

>40% marketers believe that events are the single-most effective marketing channel

Zmagle Features

Improve customer engagement by
AI-generated suggestions for your events’ activities.
Be better prepared - know your audience even before the event.
Reveal innovation from the audience by streamlining ideas, feedback, and insights with Zmagle activities.
Feel your audience way better than before by measuring how participants’ engagement score is changing.
Increase your Value for Participants by organizing their insights and outcomes after the event.
Never miss your data, all ideas are securely stored inside the Zmagle - reuse them for new events.

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